About us

Studio Palazzo an Art Gallery was established in December 2001 with the main purpose of being a space for exhibitions. It is very intimidating for artists to approach galleries and request them for exhibitions. Studio Palazzo has always been supportive of young and up-coming artists, giving them the opportunity to showcase their work. Exhibitions of artists from all over India has been held in Male, Maldives, in Mumbai jointly with Cymroza Art Gallery and at Delhi at the India Habitat Centre.


Studio Palazzo has now moved to a new space on Anderson Road and the season begins in July for exhibitions, one each month, until February 2017.

 Talented people can paint, write, dance or sing effortlessly which other people find difficult to do. Those people who possess skills evidently exceeding others and became great on their field are called artists. There is something that all artists want to achieve, that is to have their art displayed in art galleries and make them sellable.

A person becomes an artist once they realized their fondness for arts. They first pursue their passion for self-fulfillment and then some end up making it a career. To be great in this business, they have to showcase their works on art galleries in order to sell or get attention that will lead to appreciation hence, the need for art galleries and people to run them effectively.

We offer you many new artists from Delhi/Mumbai/Chennai/Pudhucherry and even from Spain! Feel free to walk in, stand and stare. Artists love their paintings to be appreciated and viewed. It's free and you will get to meet the artist, if you are lucky!